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The International Conference on Biofabrication is the annual meeting of the International Society for Biofabrication.

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The International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF) was founded in 2010 and is a scientific and professional society, which promotes advances in biofabrication research, development, education, training, and medical and clinical applications. The ISBF represents the international biofabrication community and operates as a non-profit organisation.

The ISBF’s core purpose is to foster scientific and technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. ISBF promotes the interaction between and convergence in the different disciplines of the field of biofabrication, as well as between basic research and applied practice. Further, the Society aims to promote cooperation with other scientific organisations and communities.

Each year, the ISBF holds the International Conference on Biofabrication. Since the first meeting in 2006 in Manchester, where only a few people attended, the Conference has grown into an annual event with more than 500 participants from over 20 countries attending the Biofabrication 2018 in Wurzburg, Germany.

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