COVID-19 statement

As we prepare for the SOOS 2023, we understand that you might have questions about the 2023 event as it relates to COVID-19.

The Tasmanian Government’s current statement on Covid-19
The COVID-19 Public Health requirement for people to wear face masks in hospitals, residential aged care and disability facilities, in-home care settings, other health care and medical facilities and correctional facilities will be removed from 12.01am Friday 1 July 2022. Some individual sites and facilities may have face mask wearing requirements in place based on their individual risk assessments.

Masks, along with other COVID-safe behaviours, remain an important way to help reduce the risk of COVID-19. Although not mandatory in many settings, mask wearing is still recommended in indoor settings, especially where physical distancing is not possible.

From SOOS 2023 and the conference venue, Hotel Grand Chancellor

– – – – COVID-19 SAFE PRACTICES – – – –
We ask all guests attending the event to :
• Stay home if unwell and showing symptoms
• If unwell when at the event to put a facemask on and leave
the event immediately
• Social distance where practicable
• Wash and sanitise hands regularly when onsite

Hotel Grand Chancellor Commitment to Safety

Hobart’s August temperatures average a high of 14 degrees Celsius and low of 6 degrees Celsius.

In Hobart the weather can change suddenly so it is good to be prepared – take an umbrella and wear layers that can be worn as needed.

Hobart’s central time zone is UTC + 10:00 hours. Hobart is based on Eastern Standard Time and observes daylight saving time from early October to late March when clocks are advanced one hour.

Trading hours are generally Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. Trading hours on public holidays may be limited.

Banking hours in Hobart are: 9.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Most banks provide convenient automatic teller machines. Foreign currency exchange is available during trading hours.

Hobart tap water is filtered, fresh and safe to drink.

Hotel Grand Chancellor
1 Davey Street Hobart
Phone Number: 03 6235 4535
Website: Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart

Car parking is available for hotel guests and is located under the hotel. An additional cost is payable if hotels guests wish to use the car park. Access to the car park is from the rear of the building on Macquarie Street. From the hotels main entrance drive along Davey street which is one way and then turn right on Argyle Street and immediately right again onto Macquarie Street.

  • Valet parking; $20 per vehicle overnight
  • Undercover self parking; $10 per vehicle overnight (limited space)

Click here to view parking information.

The registration desk opening hours will be announced as planning proceeds.

The registration desk location will be announced as planning proceeds.

Any changes to the conference program will be announced during housekeeping notices each morning. You may also check with Leishman Associates staff at the registration desk.

Social Functions will be announced as planning proceeds.

Registration inclusions will be announced as planning proceeds.

You must advise the conference managers of any special dietary requirements when you register for the conference. Caterers at each function will be informed of these. During the day there will be a buffet table offering food suitable for dietary requirements. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask staff at the registration desk.

IMPORTANT – If your dietary request relates to a life threatening allergy, please ensure that you advise the organisers as soon as possible.

When you book your accommodation your credit card details will be transferred to the hotel you have selected – please confirm this on check in with your hotel. Your credit card will not be charged until you check out. If you have arrived 24 hours later than your indicated arrival day you may find that you have forfeited your deposit.

Please visit the conference website for more information about the Terms and Conditions of the accommodation booking.

The members of the conference organising committee and Leishman Associates accept no liability for personal accident of loss or damage suffered by any participant, accompanying person, invited observer or any other person by whatever means. Nor do we accept liability for any equipment or software brought to the conference by attendees, speakers, sponsors or any other party. Please protect your personal property. Do not leave laptops, cameras, and other valuable items unsecured. Be conscious of individuals who appear out of place and do not wear a conference name badge. Advise Leishman Associates staff if this does not occur.

Attendees are not permitted to use any type of camera or recording device at any of the sessions unless written permission has been obtained from the relevant speaker. A professional photographer will be at the conference, if you have any issues with being photographed please notify the photographer or Leishman Associates staff.

We encourage you to download the app as it provides many ways to engage with other attendees and our Sponsors and Exhibitors, plus gives easy access to presentation abstracts.

Please provide your presentation on USB to the AV Technician in the Speakers’ Preparation Room at least 2 hours prior to your presentation.

If you want to withdraw a presentation, please contact the symposium coordinator Lucy Woodward

Chairpersons will receive an email prior to the conference, reminding them of their responsibilities. If you are a chairperson and do not receive this, or have additional questions, please contact Leishman Associates.

Power points will be available on the conference website following the conclusion of the Conference. Speakers will be requested to sign a release form. This is not compulsory.

Details of Barista Coffee will be announced as planning proceeds.

For all Conference Sessions and the Welcome Drinks the dress code is smart casual or informal business. The Conference Dinner dress code is Cocktail.

Yes, further information will be provided to Conference attendees closer to the event.

All intellectual property rights of the event, and all materials distributed at or in connection with the event is owned by the Host, Leishman Associates, Sponsors, &/or Speakers presenting at the event. Participants may not use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce any trademarks or other trade names appearing at the conference, content, or in any materials distributed at or in connection with the conference for any reason without the prior written permission from the Host.

No part of the conference may be recorded, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, including but not limited to video or audio recording, photography, photocopying or any other information storage or retrieval system known now or in the future, without the explicit written permission of the Host.

SOOS 2023 reserves the right to amend or alter any advertised details relating to dates, program and speakers if necessary, without notice, as a result of circumstances beyond their control. All attempts have been made to keep any changes to an absolute minimum.
The Organising Committee along with the venue, Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, acknowledge the effects on the environment a conference can have. It is with this in mind that we are working towards reducing the environmental impact of SOOS 2023 in the following ways:

• We encourage you to use the conference app and therefore have only printed a small number of paper programs
• We are using existing signage and digital signage only
• Minimising use of single-use plastics and disposable items
• Choosing sustainable food options with locally sourced ingredients, minimal packaging, recycling for paper, glass, plastic and organic composting
• Our Welcome Reception and Conference Dinner are within walking distance so that we do not require coach transport.


All notices to:

  • us/the Host must be given by email to Leishman Associates at the following address:
  • you will be given to the email address you specify in your application for registration.


You may cancel your conference registration, by notifying us by email.

If you do not received acknowledgement by email within two business days, please contact Leishman Associates on (03) 6234 7844.

You will only be entitled to a refund or partial refund as set out below:

Your cancellation – if you cannot attend because it is unlawful (eg, covid-19)

If you are unable, or will, with certainty, be unable, to attend this Event for the reason that it is unlawful for you to travel to the venue or would be legally required to submit to quarantine or “lock-down”:

  • You must notify us by email and provide particulars of the reason you cannot attend. You may notify us at any time before the commencement of the Event;
  • If we accept the reasons given, and:
    • there is an on-line/virtual option to attend, and you tell us that you wish to attend by that means, you must pay the registration fee for on-line/virtual attendance. If you have already paid the registration fee in full, we will refund the difference; or
    • there is no option to attend by on-line/virtual means, or if you notify us that you do not wish to attend by that means, we will refund all monies actually received from you to the date of your notice.

Your cancellation – for other reasons

The following applies if you wish to cancel your attendance at the Event for any reasons other than those noted above:

  • If you notify us by email before 5pm on the date that is 30 days before the Event commences, you must pay a cancellation fee of AUD$150.00 (including GST) and if, when you give us that notice, you have paid more than that sum, we will refund the balance; or.
  • You may cancel your registration after 5pm on the date that is 30 days before the Event commences, you must pay one half (50%) of the full cost of your registration (plus GST). If you have already paid the registration fee in full, We will refund the balance


The Host (and Leishman Associates, as the agent of the Host) may cancel or postpone the Event at any time, for any reason. We will notify you by email if any of the foregoing occurs.

  • If the Event is cancelled, we will refund all monies paid to date;
  • If the Event is postponed, and you tell us that you cannot or do not wish to attend on the new date, you may cancel your registration by notice to us by email. If you tell us that you wish to attend on the new date, we will retain the monies you have paid as your registration Fee for the Event as postponed. If you do not notify us that you wish to attend the Event as postponed within the period we specify when we give you notice of postponement, your registration will be cancelled unless we otherwise agree in writing, and we will refund all monies paid to date.
  • If the Event is converted to fully on-line/virtual Event, (and you have not, initially, registered to attend as an on-line/virtual attendee) you may cancel your registration by notice to us by email and we will refund all monies paid to date.
    • If you tell us that you wish to attend as an on-line/virtual attendee, we will refund the difference between the full (face-to-face) fee and the fee applicable to on-line/virtual attendance.
    • If you do not notify us that you wish to attend the Event as an on-line/virtual attendee within the period we specify when we give you notice of conversion, your registration will be cancelled unless we otherwise agree in writing, and we will refund all monies paid to date.


Expenses for and arrangements you may make for travel and accommodation are at your sole risk and your rights to a refund or partial refund are your sole entitlements on cancellation, postponement and conversion of the Event. We recommend that you consider making accommodation and transport arrangements that permit variation or cancellation with appropriate refunds. We further recommend that you obtain insurance (if available) that will reimburse you accommodation and transport costs in the event of cancellation.