We are excited to announce a pilot virtual option for the upcoming 2023 SOOS Symposium.
Join us virtually to unlock knowledge, insights and networking opportunities.

A range of online initiatives will be available for the upcoming SOOS Symposium for those unable to attend in-person.

As an online participant, you will have access to online options developed in collaboration with the SOOS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Group that include:

  • Pilot, low-cost live streaming of selected sessions via Zoom. To see the sessions being streamed please see the Symposium program.
  • Daily session summaries highlighting key scientific questions and future directions, ensuring you stay updated on the latest research and advancements.
  • Video summaries of poster sessions, providing you with a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge research.
  • All plenary talks will be recorded and made available after the symposium.

Please register your interest via the link below. Registration for the above features is free, and access to the Symposium delegates’ website will be available for a small fee (once the delegates’ website is launched). Through the delegates’ website, PDFs of presentation slides and posters from the sessions will be available after the Symposium, subject to the agreement of lead presenters. As this is a pilot program, we would appreciate your feedback after the symposium (details to be sent later).


These sessions are:

Monday 1330 – 1530 Observations to understand ocean dynamic processes
Tuesday 1100 – 1300 New insights and cross-disciplinary observing requirements (circum-) Antarctic sea-ice processes
Tuesday 1400 – 1530 Regional ocean observing and modelling system development in the Ross Sea sector Part 2
Wednesday 1030 – 1230 Emerging technologies enabling future Southern Ocean observations
Wednesday 1330 – 1530 How Argo is transforming our understanding of the Southern Ocean in global climate Part 2
Thursday 1230 – 1445 Southern Ocean plankton: productivity, time-series and biogeochemistry Part 1
Thursday 1515 – 1800 Taking the pulse on the Southern Ocean an internationally coordinated, circumpolar and year-round mission