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The Australian Antarctic Program Partnership is a $50 million research program funded from 2019 to 2029.

The AAPP improves our understanding of the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean within the global climate system and the implications for marine ecosystems.

Through collaborative integrated science, the AAPP aims to inform timely policy responses to climate change.

The AAPP is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources, led by the University of Tasmania.

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The Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science (ACEAS) is a collaboration between Australian universities, government agencies and international research institutions.

The objective of ACEAS is to help communities to prepare for climate risks emerging from East Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. ACEAS will do this by integrating knowledge of the region’s ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere and ecosystems.

Led by the University of Tasmania the program commenced in 2021 and is funded to run until 2025. The program will grow to 37 postdoctoral investigators and 24 PhD candidates.

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K.U.M. Umwelt-und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH., over the 2+ decades has supported leading academic and research organisations worldwide by developing and delivering bespoke subsea data acquisition system, offering end-to-end services from concept through to manufacturing; and also turnkey solutions. Pioneers in the manufacture of Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) evolving with new technologies and customized to the needs of our valued customers; we also deliver varied products and services to the institutions involved in deep sea research, polar sciences, offshore oil & gas, subsea exploration and engineering, military and defence, medical equipment etc. K.U.M. India covers the services and solutions in the Indian market and also the region.

“Our vision is to help you make the impossible possible at depth”

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Antarctica New Zealand is the New Zealand government agency responsible for carrying out New Zealand’s activities in Antarctica, supporting world leading science and environmental protection. Our vision is: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean – valued, protected, understood.

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COLTO, or the Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators, represents around 80% of the global toothfish fishing industry. COLTO promotes the sustainable fishing of toothfish, whilst remaining vigilant against potential IUU operations.

COLTO facilitates its Members working together and with others, including through participation and provision of high-quality scientific data to CCAMLR and other bodies.

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The mission of the ITU/WMO/UNESCO-IOC Joint Task Force (JTF) for Science Monitoring And Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) Cables is to have sensors integrated into subsea telecommunications cables become the world standard, leading to a global network for sustained ocean observation, geophysical study of earthquakes, and earthquake and tsunami warning in a world with rising sea levels.

The JTF is working towards contributing to observing the Southern Ocean by connecting the four southern hemisphere continents with SMART Cables.

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