During the SOOS Symposium, SOOS will be coordinating a mentoring program where an early career attendee (mentee) will be buddied with a more experienced attendee (mentor) for the duration of the SOOS Symposium. The mentor will provide support and guidance to the mentee during the Symposium, with no expectation of the mentoring relationship extending beyond the Symposium unless both parties agree. The mentor/mentee will be free to negotiate the details of the relationship to suit them, but support and guidance could include some of the following topics: access to networks, presentation support and professional development.

The mentor/mentee relationship will be:

  • Voluntarily entered into by both parties; no-one should be a mentor or mentee against their will.
  • The individual mentor/mentee duo is free to negotiate the details of the relationship to suit them.
  • The relationship between the mentor/mentee is based on an agreement of confidentiality by both parties.
  • Will commence on the first morning of the Symposium at an icebreaker event for the program and will run for till the Friday of the Symposium, unless both parties agree to extending the relationship beyond the length of the Symposium.

Mentors and mentees should be aware of the potential power dynamics between them and adhere to professional ethics and boundaries. All conversations are confidential unless both parties agree otherwise.

SOOS will aim to pair each ECR wishing to have a mentor with a mentor for the SOOS Symposium, but this is dependent on the number of mentor volunteers. The Symposium convenor, Alyce Hancock, will assign the mentor/mentee pairs. If there are insufficient mentor volunteers, those assigned a mentor will be determined by a random chance draw.

If you would still like to volunteer to be a mentor, please contact info@soos.aq .