Dr. Irene Schloss is a biological oceanographer at Austral Center for Scientific Research from the National Council of Scientific Research (CONICET) in Ushuaia Argentina. She is also affiliated to Argentinean Antarctic Institute and the Tierra del Fuego National University. She played a leading role in many international research projects, relating climate change to CO2 fluxes between the atmosphere and the ocean, the effects of UVB radiation and the role of the marine plankton. In the last 25 years, she developed a wide expertise in the dynamics of polar and sub-polar marine plankton, temporal and spatial variations of plankton communities and the response of physicochemical variables to global climate change from field data, experimental work and modelling. Dr. Schloss is committed to promoting international scientific co-operation, particularly with regard to research in Polar Regions, and is currently Vice-Chair of SOOS.