Emma is a PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Geography & Climate Science at Pennsylvania State University. Emma’s work centers on the intricate relationship between atmospheric rivers, ice sheet-climate dynamics, and their impacts on West Antarctica. Her research utilizes ice core records and climate reanalysis data to uncover crucial insights into the Earth’s changing climate. Her upbringing in two distinct corners of the world: the city of Los Angeles, CA, and Melbourne, Australia fostered her interest in global climate change impacts and international environmental justice issues. This global perspective fostered a deep-rooted interest in understanding the far-reaching impacts of climate change on a planetary scale, as well as an unwavering commitment to addressing international environmental justice issues. Her experiences during field work solidified her passion for polar science and its broader implications. These immersive field work opportunities not only enriched her scientific knowledge but also introduced her to the remarkable power of community building within the scientific research. She is an early-career advisory board member of the Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) and co-organiser for Polar Impact, an inclusive network of racial & ethnic minorities and allies in the polar research community. Her work with these organisations focuses on supporting minority members of the Polar community and promote safe, inclusive field work experiences.