Born in Launceston in 1937, Guy Green studied Law at the University of Tasmania and after being admitted to the bar in 1960, practised in Launceston. Intelligent, congenial, conciliatory and highly respected, an enthusiastic promoter of Tasmania, Guy Green was an obvious candidate for high office. Chief justice from 1973 to 1995, he was knighted in 1982 and served as Chancellor of the University of Tasmania (1985 – 95), Governor of Tasmania (1995 – 2003), and Administrator of Australia on several occasions. Green has chaired many bodies, ranging from St John Ambulance to Ten Days on the Island and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery; an excellent speaker, he has delivered many orations and speeches; a thoughtful writer, he has written many articles, chapters and forewords.

Originating from Launceston, but having lived for many years in Hobart and knowing both communities, Green was well qualified to act as Chancellor during the difficult period when the southern-based University of Tasmania amalgamated with the northern Tasmanian State Institute of Technology. He was closely involved with selecting the new Vice-Chancellor and with the amalgamation process, assisting to draft the enabling legislation which ‘invented’ the new University.

Green felt that many matters were more properly the province of the Vice-Chancellor, but was conscious of the importance of the Chancellor’s advisory and supporting role. He was particularly concerned with maintaining the significance of graduation ceremonies, and was much involved in the University’s centenary celebrations. His leadership assisted the University enormously during these difficult years of change.